Oysho, Desigual and Skechers: born to run?
First came Victoria’s Secret, stretching its core lingerie range to sport bras, and as per the very words of CFO Stuart Burgdorfer on Bloomberg Businessweek it was not a great move businesswise. Then Oysho: the global homewear and nightwear brand is now trying to appeal to a new target of runners and performance-freaks with a complete range of runner sneakers and technical equipment proudly displayed in their windows. At Micam, theRead more...
By Nancy Drew | Sep 16 2014 |
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Special fashion licensed accessories 2015: celebrities and lifestyle brands
We are just back from theMicam and Mipel, theBagShow  where we caught the next licensing trends the fashion accessories industry is betting on. Celebrities is for sure one of the strongest hype: after JLo and a Paris Hilton worldwide range getting deeper and deeper, the Kardashians debut with a brand new collection of shoes. Don’t miss Gulf vintage sneakers, the Sic Simoncelli memorial special collection, and uber-pop umbrellas designedRead more...
By Mick Regan | Sep 10 2014 |
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Chupa Chups® and Paglieri Sell System on everyone’s lips
Perfetti Van Melle and Paglieri Sell System announce a licensing agreement for the Chupa Chups®  brand which will give birth to a range of tasty lip glosses and balms developed for the Italian consumers. Paglieri Sell System is a leading Italian company which was born in 1985 around the idea to transfer consumption from the specialist shops to the Mass Distribution. By providing products and brands able to cater to the needs of new smartestRead more...
By Gianni Bravo | Sep 02 2014 |
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Haikure and New Holland Agriculture
Haikure, the Italian denim brand whose mission is to respect people and nature by promoting a new fashionable and eco-friendly lifestyle, has partnered with New Holland Agricolture, the world manufacturer of agricultural equipment to launch a new range of apparel. The commitment towards sustainability represents a strong bound between Haikure and new Hollad Agricolture. By adopting the true meaning of sustainability the two brands together,Read more...
By Lynda Carter | Aug 26 2014 |
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D.A.T.E. for giulianoFujiwara
D.A.T.E. for giulianoFujiwara, a new co-branding that merges the contemporary soul of the Florentine brand with the unconventional style of the Italian-Japanese label, creating an exclusive and elegant sportswear collection. The project consists of an apparel collection and a selection of sneakers with a sporty-vintage touch mixed with a contemporary soul. D.A.T.E. opened Giuliano Fujiwara historical archive, developing a new edition ofRead more...
By Jeanne Dark | Aug 19 2014 |
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Wooster + Lardini, double interview
The Lardini Group has launched a collaboration with Nick Wooster, who will be the ambassador of their collections in America (on display in the M5 showroom in New York) with a capsule collection targeted not only to Europe, but also to the US and to Asian markets including Japan and Korea. The Wooster + Lardini collection premiered at Pitti Immagine Uomo, where this double interview was taken B.J.: Name? N.W.: Nick Wooster L.L.: Luigi Lardini B.J.:Read more...
By Nancy Drew | Aug 05 2014 |
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Mondadori Portfolio: picture this
An archive of over 4 million images, ranging from classical art to the cinema, from graphics to celebrities and from food to the naïf. The Mondadori Portfolio boasts the sort of collection only a publisher with a hundred years of history could ever hope to achieve. And now this collection is no longer confined exclusively to partners looking for pictures with the right impact, the Mondadori  Portfolio project is taking it to market forRead more...
By Mick Regan | Jul 30 2014 |
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Bread&Butter and Premium vol.2: lifestyle marketing is no picnic
  New brand image, extension to new range of products, leveraging on heritage : marketing a lifestyle brand forces to be relentless and always proposing innovation, new inspirations and moods. We selected some of the branding vibrations at Premium and Bread&Butter, as a reference for any contemporary branding activity. From the seduction of Mazda to Tom’s help to people in need; from the evolutions of Crocs as a single product toRead more...
By Gianni Bravo | Jul 23 2014 |
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Reportage Bread n Butter/Premium, volume 1: characters are back?
Brand Jam is just back from Berlin Fashion week, Bread n Butter and Premium mainly, to sneak peek the next moves of licensed sportswear and accessories. It may come as no surprise for some, but lifestyle brands and music aside, character licensing is coming up strong again. Mickey, Bambi, Peanuts, Minions and Adventure Time are pairing NFL, Fender, Goodyear, Coca Cola, CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo on these trade fairs booths. So, don’t missRead more...
By Long J. Silver | Jul 16 2014 |
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Flash reportage on Heritage: how the smartest brand are betting on it
Doria 1925, Italian fine hatters since then, or New Era, relaunching their own hits of the 90’s, Ben Sherman and Lacoste playing on contemporary modernism, D.A.T.E. recovering patterns from the tennis fields of the 60’s, Burton taking on the 70’s. Some inspirational pics selected for you at the last Pitti Uomo edition, explain how to stay contemporary with our own roots. See the full Reportage Read more...
By Long J. Silver | Jul 07 2014 |
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