Star Wars x Levi’s, the Force in the product

Levi’s has just launched its Star Wars x Levi’s collection. Not much time has passed from the Peanuts x Levi’s and the Hello Kitty x Levi’s launches, while Levi’s seems to be revving up its licensed collaborations planning.

Being in sync with pop-culture is one of the brand strategy, in fact, and the licensing platform can be pivotal for Levi’s to speak to a broad consumer base with an articulate and always renewed offer. Not just by quoting pop icons on t-shirts and sweatshirts, the streetwear collabs way, Levi’s is trying hard to include new narratives and manufacturing tricks to enhance its brand storytelling strategy .

As a starter, the story goes that Levi’s have been part of Star Wars since the beginning, as Luke Skywalker wore a pair of bleached white Levi’s jeans. And, as we understand from Star Wars official blog, during the film production Levi’s denim jeans was always a staple worn by basically all the crew behind the scenes.

But as far as product goes, Levi’s added some nerdish ingredients to appeal fans and denim connoisseurs altogether. “May the Force Be with You” is written in black and yellow on the selvedge, typically the red line at the ankle of a pair of jeans that marks the edge of the weaving at the seam. “It’s their personal secret. If they didn’t cuff the jeans up, no one would know at all. So we wanted that as well. If you know, you know.” Says Jonathan Cheung, senior vice president of design innovation at Levi’s.

Other tricks include customized buttons, pretty unique for the brand, and entire space battles printed onto the fabric for a bold, standout look.

The future-vintage flavour of the collection is also reflected by the first movie posters iconography used on the jackets, and images of the original Star Wars Kenner action figures on the t-shirts.

May the Force be with Levi’s.

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