Aldo launches Aldo x Cinderella collection

How do you reimagine Cinderella for 2020? That’s what the shoes and accessories brand Aldo is asking its customer worldwide with the launch of Aldo x Cinderella collection.

After 70 years from the movie release of Walt Disney’s most beloved fairy tale, a special collection reinterprets the magic of “what can happen when the shoe fits”.

The ALDO Group, founded in Montreal, Canada in 1973 by Aldo Bensadoun, has now more than 3,000 points of sale around the globe, operating on all continents except Antarctica. In this limited edition Aldo x Cinderella the products are inspired by classic details, combining them with modern trends and silhouettes to create irresistible thumb-stoppers.

A glass slipper, which stays true to the iconic Cinderella pumps but adds a translucent slab heel, glitter details and delicate ankle strap to create the perfect fit for a 21st-century fairytale.

A Disney x ALDO Cinderella slide sandals, with the same beautiful translucent styling to keep customers dancing long past midnight.

And some playful winks to Disney’s Cinderella with special touches throughout the collection, from the soles of the shoes to the boxes they come in, and even to the product names.

The collection includes other accessories, like the special-edition Disney x ALDO Cinderella clutch, inspired by the movie poster of Disney’s Cinderella 1973 re-release that match with the brand’s birthday.