Barbie x Missguided, building the new Female Power brand


Barbie is globally recognized as an iconic fashion doll for girls, but the new licensing strategies at Mattel strive to get her out of her box. Barbie x Missguided falls exactly into that strategy, breaking the web with a cool-trend brand for today’s young women with attitude.

All the women have the possibility to choose, stated  Barbie’s creator Ruth Handler.  The collaboration with Missguided, an e-commerce fashion brand with in-house design, echoes that spirit with a collection of 43 looks such as tops, denims, accessories, pants, jackets and bathing suits, plus smartphone cases, bags and necklaces.

Aimed  to celebrate the “girl power” trend, the partnership Barbie x Missguided makes clear that Barbie is a symbol for the contemporary young woman.

Interesting how all the items read “soldout – coming soon” sign just after a few days from the launch. Planned or not, this is part of a strategy which boldly “reallocate” Barbie’s brand positioning.