Bea@rbrick with Doraemon for the 50th anniversary

In the wake of the anniversary celebrations and the power of anime-manga trends , both reported by our latest Halo Licensing Survey, Medicom Toy has just launched its version of the classic Japanese anime – Doraemon, to celebrate the famous feline’s 50th anniversary.

Inspired to its early artwork from 1969 debut, Doraemon BE@RBRICK standard size 100% and collectible size 400%, have been available in restricted limited edition for just a few days, from 1st to 3rd February on Medicom’s website,where collectors could secure the figure set at $137.

In fact, a first Doraemon Be@rbrick edition was launched in Japan in 2012, but the Medicom considered the 50th anniversary a great delicacy to please global collectors with.

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