BMW launches 2 Series with Pac-Man

The new BMW 2 Series Grand Coupé is the first BMW 4-door coupé in the premium compact segment, inspired to a new breed of drivers who look for style outside the comfortable perimeter of mainstream and common taste.

For the launch of BMW 2 Series, BMW Japan has partnered with Pac-Man, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, on a tie-in campaign, whose slogan is “Game Changer. Joshiki, turn it over”.

Pac-Man, Bandai’s 1980 world famous arcade game has been used to stress the new concept of this new coupé – “Let’s live free from stereotypes.”

Four videos have been just released, featuring the graphic styles of the videogame and the icons of Pac-Man and the neon-coloured phantoms.

And to add one level to this celebration, BMW Japan has included a promotion, where customers can win BMW x Pac-Man polos, hats, and mini Pac-Man arcade games.