Bravado bets on luxury music merchandising

Something new is happening in the music merchandising market.

Bravado, Universal Music Group’s merchandise company, just launched a premium e-store, Bravado the Label, selling t-shirts with an average price tag in excess of 125$ and hoodies at more than 200$.

With a soft lived-in feeling, this vintage-inspired collection is based on Bravado’s wide archive of artists’ imagery like the Rolling Stones, Queen, Bob Marley, Guns N’ Roses, Tupac, and 80’s and 90’s live tours icons.

The collection has been premiered at Selfridges London in June, Bravado the Label is on sale online for the rest of the world since mid August.

The launch has been promoted by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Charlize Theron, Vanessa Hudgens since last spring. Gigi Hadid for example was spotted wearing a tie-dye Rolling Stones sweatshirt and an oversized Stones hoodie some weeks after.

Bravado is clearly investing in this upscale music merchandising store, different from its standard merch business. It is interesting to see how such a premium positioning will award this bold retail move.


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