Bread and Butter by Zalando: our reportage


As many of our readers perfectly know, Berlin Bread and Butter’s glorious story as the reference of B2B lifestyle platform ended in 2015. The brand was then acquired by Zalando, which revamped it as a consumer driven event since last year.

The objective has drastically changed, now Bread and Butter is more of a big brand-experience container catering to sneakerheads and hard core streetwear fans, following the trend of “virtual- marketplaces-getting-live”, the same which pushes Amazon to acquire brick and mortar supermarkets.

Retail entertainment is the name of the game: upcoming season showcases within gamificated areas, like the vintage Roller Disco created by Wrangler by Peter Max, strong statements like the girl-power mantra by Nike, great usage of customization (Levi’s) ┬áto emphasize the uniqueness of this brand experience, then sampling, catwalks, DJ sets, and parties.

Zalando is the real master of ceremony, with the clear focus to make streetwear and fashion labels and its customer base meet phisically.

Our reporter Federica Ugliengo has been there, so you can have a taste of it checking out this gallery.

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