Caran d’Ache Justice League Trinity Special Edition for luxury geeks

Just like the protagonists of the highly anticipated Justice League movie, Caran d’Ache has joined forces with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to create luxury writing instruments inspired by three of the most popular DC Comics superheroes: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, ready to become legend .

The craftmen of the Geneva-based company have pooled their know-how to drew inspiration from the textures and colours of the sophisticated costumes worn by the upcoming DC Super Heroes in Justice League movie, facing a number of technical challenges.

First of all to appeal a final cluster of clients probably more demanding than the pens collectors – the geeks.

In fact, Caran d’Ache Justice League Trinity takes up the challenge to create a luxury object inspired by the pop culture of super heroes, in a mass visibility spot, and these three writing instruments are legendary in their price also. 1,175 euro the entry price for Wonder Woman, 1,700 euro for Superman and Batman sold singularly, and an amazing 3,525 euro or 5,100 euro for the limited and numbered collector box, respectively for roller pens and fountain pens.

The Justice League Trinity Special Edition is a bold experiment in catering to a high potential and high spending consumer target through pop icons, uniting luxury objects collectors and nerds as one.