Chupa Chups gets WHITE*

Chupa Chups presents today its latest venture in the fashion arena in an amazing collaboration with WHITE*, the Italian fashion label created by Gianmario Stuppello.

An artist in full, Stuppello juxtaposes design and attention to detail, with an emphasis on tailoring and an eclectic use of materials and original prints. His bold street style collections are exclusive to high end boutiques and available on the label’s online store

WHITE* has developed three Chupa Chups inspired dresses, presented in London at the Brand Licensing Europe fashion showcase.

The first, CHUPA DRESS PLASTIC STYLE, is a dress inspired by the wrapper of the lollipop. A linear dress, but composed of different materials and prints, which reminds the artist of the architectural chaos of a crowded city. The CHUPA DRESS POP STYLE, is a more romantic dress, where the logo becomes a bold eye catching but cute character: half flower half Chupa Chups, a monster that would kill to eat another lollipop. And the icing on the cake, the CHUPA CHUPS VICTORIAN DRESS: this is a pop surreal dress with an elegance that surprises pleasantly. It makes you think about the girls of the Victorian era and all this ostentatious elegance is taken down to earth by the exuberant and unmistaken logo of Chupa Chups.

“Chupa Chups’ colours and flavours help people to evade daily life” says Stuppello “Colour has always triggered my fantasy, so I have viewed the simple iconic Chupa Chups shape and colours in a different dimension, combining the rich Victorian feminine style with the materials that shape our modern world.”

The result is a mesmerising fashion proposal, set to inspire the next generation of creative directors.

Click here for the showcase gallery