E-Bikes enchant Harley Davidson also

After a visit to EICMA 2015,the global bike and motorbike trade fair, we tried to outline what was ahead in the electric urban mobility scene, in the wake of e-bike maket growth.

Four years after, at the same venue, e-bike is the great protagonist, with motor brands setting their strategies between directly developed brand extension and licensing.

In a market of 21 billion USD, projected to grow at a CAGR of 9% to 38,6 billion by 2025, the current leaders, aside Yamaha Motor Corp, are two wheelers like Giant (US) and Accel Group (Dutch company owner of a number of brands among which Atala and Raleigh).

But at EICMA 2019 the big motor manufacturers demonstrate a strong will to fill the gaps, with a number of proposition from companies of all dimensions, like Yamaha, FB Mondial, KTM, or… Harley Davidson?

Yes, the Milwaukee die-hard rebel motor company was showcasing three models of e-bikes you can see in our gallery below.

Minimalistic design in form and color, frames similar to the mainstream, the only detail evoking the brand DNA is the belt drive instead of the chain. Although presentes only at a concept level for the European market, and still without a price tag or a distribution network in place, Harley Davidson E-Bikes seems to be the symbol of a quickly growing market where opportunities can be more intesting than brand roots.

Other companies like Ducati chose the licensing model, showcasing Scrambler E-bike licensed to the Italian AG Group. Licensing is interesting mainly for specialised manufacturers, like Novus Bike, HEAD licensee, or like CGDE, licensee of Jeep brand on off-road models, recently adding a more racing Maserati range.

Licensed or directly developed, motor brands are imbuing the e-bike market, as much as e-bikes are imbuing the motor business.


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