about alta

Brand Jam was born around the idea that licensing, co-branding, and brand extension are growing stronger in the lifestyle branding business, and more and more professionals and marketers use them as powerful communication tools.

Brand Jam’s mission is to watch, categorize, and compile every sensitive move in the market, mainly “live”, at trade fairs and on the day by day field, in a way that allows to understand the dynamics of a relentless market – the same way we use to base our consultancy business.

Not properly a webmagazine, neither a commercial portal, Brand Jam shares its contents with an international community of thousands of marketers, buyers, licensors, licensees, or just passionated curious. We like to define them “believers”.

Brand Jam’s content tells innovative branding stories to all its believers: who is doing what, with whom, and possibly why, are the questions we automatically ask ourselves when posting a news, or selecting the best at the worldwide lifestyle branding trade fairs, or interwieving the movers and shakers of this specialized and large business.

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