The most popular tequila brand in the world hailing from Mexico, José Cuervo, has officially decided to enter the most talked about subject in the last few years – Metaverse. The brand will launch into metaverse by opening the first ever distillery, called “metadistillery” in the virtual world Decentraland.

As more and more people are intrigued by the world of metaverse, especially the millennials and Gen Z population, this comes as an interesting move from the brand to wow these targets. Cuervo shall become the first spirits brand ever to bring visionary virtual experiences to the audience, education about tequila as well as limited edition products, wearable and NFTs, and cool entertainment; a novel move towards a “digital brand extension”. While metaverse has been a popular destination for the gaming and the fashion industry, Cuervo’s move is a trailblazing step for FMCG brands into the highly popular space, which shall be applauded by generations to come.

José Cuervo is a leader in the spirits industry and one of the key players that made Margarita a household name. As the world converges digitally, Cuervo’s efforts towards designing a poly-sensory experience in the virtual world is a treat for the fans. Not just that, the spirits brand has incentivized greater participation by bringing more peers to join the virtual world, to avail offers and exclusive digital merchandise.