After MTV and Barbie, Tezenis has teamed up with Coca-Cola for an other iconic collaboration for this late summer flash.

Unveiled during a catwalk launch event last 20th September at Tezenis headquarters in Verona; the fashionable capsule collection of underwear and easywear, for women and men, is a fresh mix of elements with a clear reference to the ’80s.

Red hearts, silhouettes of the iconic bottle, pattern composed with caps and the Coca-Cola logo are the ingredients that make this limited edition a must-have of this season, not only for the Coca-Cola brand’s lovers.

A variety of options to create 24/7 outfits, with t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, leggings, tops, bodysuits and more, available in the classic Coca-Cola red, which has always distinguished the brand, mixed with gray and black. The collection si available online and in more than 500 Tezenis stores in 20-plus countries worldwide.


If you still hadn’t the chance to peep the collection here is the video of the catwalk.

Enjoy! 😉