Inspired by a sense of modern escapism and a fortified need to reconnect oneself with the outdoors and nature, Adidas and Rimowa, for this new season, formed a partnership attempting to cater to new, strong needs by offering a product meant to be a combination of functional minimalism, perfect for urban mobility, yet combined with the flexibility needed for outdoor excursions.

This special capsule, composed of Rimowa’s first-ever aluminium backpack and adidas’ own ADIDAS NMD-S1 is, as the brands made sure to declare, entirely and exclusively made in Germany. This element is fundamental for the two brands, and a “made in Germany” imprint can be found on the shoe’s midsole, toghether with the coordinates for both of the brands’ headquarters, again playing into the theme of discovery and adventure.

The whole project is a hymn to utilitarianism and minimalist design, embodied by the materials used, such as the aluminium, or the Boost foam overlay from Adidas incorporated in the back pack, and the shoes’ attention for mobility and versatility. Mininalism is also found in the colour scheme of khakis and greys, inspired by titanium elements, all connected with some orange accents.

The capsule will drop on November 17th, the RIMOWA x ADIDAS NMD_S1 in Titanium (RRP 250€) will be available on the Adidas website, on the Adidas CONFIRMED platform and in some selected Rimowa stores. The RIMOWA x ADIDAS NMD_BACKPACK in Titanium (1500€) will be available, in limited quantities via the flagship Rimowa and Adidas stores worldwide and also on both of the brands’ websites.