We have often highlighted how collaborations among brands or with artists and celebrities is becoming the most followed and efficient marketing strategy for many companies.
One of the best practices is Adidas, which in the last weeks has launched three collaborations worthy of note and very different in style and content, demonstrating how this company had grasped the full potential of co-branding.

The first is Adidas Original with Italian Independent, which gave birth to the new ZX Flux sneakers, available in six models with different features and colorways but all with the iconic “heel cage”, the Torsion technology and the double logo with the two brands on the tongue. An exclusive collection featuring innovative materials, animal neon and new camo all-over prints taken from Italian Independent creativity and unique style.

The second is the Tennis Pack collection, the latest news that pop out from the long-term collaboration with the musician and creative Pharrell Williams. A limited edition that reinterpret the iconic three stripes products. The Tennis Pack consists of three leather jackets “Track Top”, model “Superstar” in three colours: red, green and white extremely stylish and contemporary.

The third, and probably the most interesting, is the collaboration with the British brand Barbour. A capsule collection of clothing and footwear in limited edition, designed to match sportswear and functionality. Three the key themes of the capsule: Country, Military and Spectator, each one including coordinated jackets, shoes or boots, that can be matched or stand-alone. The choice of these themes and their execution is the result of careful analysis of the heritage of both brands: the country style and military influences for Barbour, the expertise in sportswear for Adidas Originals, on the other side.

These collaborations and especially the last one, show the brand aim to reach new market segments using a consistent, effective and rapid tool: the choice of a partner who has the credentials to reach the set target.