Alessi x illy Pulcina

Making a perfect coffee is about to get easier thanks to a technology and co-branding initiative between two iconic Italian brands. A long-term research project initiated by Alessi and coffee giants, illy, has culminated in the ‘Pulcina’ series of coffee makers, launching this autumn.

Using the companies’ joint research into the organoleptic (taste and aroma) properties of coffee, the new family of coffee makers has been realized under the creative guidance of Memphis Group protégé, Michele De Lucchi.

The technology combines Alessi’s design expertise with illycaffè’s research into thermofluid dynamics to create what the brands refer to as a “21st century coffee pot”. The relative proportions of the Pulcina’s lower and upper chambers optimize pressure and heat distribution, making it possible to achieve coffee flavor comparable with professional brewing.

De Lucchi’s bold design of the Pulcina is both modern and classic. The name of the collection and its distinctive chicken-beak spout were inspired by the designer’s studio, located in a renovated poultry house. A matching serving tray named ‘le cerchie’ has also been released.


Alessi Red

Meanwhile, Alessi’s partnership with AIDS activism project, (PRODUCT) RED, has inspired special new versions of its ever-popular ‘Anna G.’ and ‘Alessandro M.’ corkscrews. Alessandro Mendini’s iconic designs have been re-imagined in red and will be marketed under the banner “Love design. Fight AIDS.”

(Alessi) Red

Alessi is planning to add to the collection before the end of 2015 in typically cheeky fashion, with a reissue of the contraceptive storage container designed by Susan Cohn – cutely named the “Cohndom Box”.