The Moncler-Alicia Keys collaboration is ready for the launch of the first collection signed by the American pop star for the luxury down jacket brand, within the a rich series of collaborations ‘The Art of Genius’ the brand launched on February 20th, and which involves world-famous artists musicians and brands.

The starting point of the creative process is the city of New York, the Big Apple symbol of the American dream. The capsule collection, androgynous and gender-neutral, recalls the Manhattan of the late 1990s and its lively and colourful street style. The result is a sensual wardrobe dominated by strong and exuberant tones, such as green, red and pop purple characteristically accessorised with nylon bucket hats, American-style tops and micro t-shirts.

“Moncler and I went back in time to when I was a little girl in winter in New York. Moncler was a brand of excellence to aspire to and this collection represents the realisation of that little girl’s dream” comments Alicia Keys.

Two exceptional photographers, Ibrahem Hasan and Laura Jane Coulson, enrich this description of the New York settings. Lyrics from some of the pop star’s songs appear on the back of the collection’s items, along with the exclusive logo with the Statue of Liberty’s crown.

“We wanted to create something that represented New York, that was instantly recognisable, and a reference to Empire State of Mind. And the crown also alludes to the pursuit of excellence. It is a symbol of the ultimate we strive to achieve”.

The collection was launched exclusively on Net-a-Porter on 22 March and is available at Moncler shops and online shops from 23 March.