The Bulgari Collection Daniel Roth Endurer Chronosprint All Blacks chronograph, better known simply as the “Bulgari All Blacks”, convinces critics and the public alike.

Odd couples are often winning combinations. Although in this case Bulgari and the New Zealand rugby team do have a certain amount in common: they were both founded in 1884 and share demanding standards of excellence and performance; factors that help make Bulgari’s special edition chronograph inspired by the All Blacks a concentrate of stylish coherence.

The quality is far from merely cosmetic: Bulgari has delivered a handcrafted chronographic movement designed and engineered by their own Daniel Roth specialists, the well-known brand Bulgari bought in 2000. A distinguishing feature is its ability to measure long times without compromising on slimness, while the watch face is designed with Maori Koru tattoos, symbols of force and peace.  Each chronograph is crafted in 30 stages, starting with an engraved sheet of brass and on through to completion with a special coat of Luminova paint, that gives the black base a bluish tinge.

So no brand slapping for the New Zealand national team, well-versed in international licensing. Their communications emphasise power and team work, but above all the Maori traditions the All Blacks represent all over the world with their Haka, the ritual war dance they perform before all their games. It evidently works, seeing that the All Blacks have clocked up an average of over 75% of games won since 1905.