American Tourister introduces the Sweet Travel Collection in collaboration with Chupa Chups, a line of travel accessories that embodies the essence of Chupa Chups’ “Live the Flavor” message.

The blend of street influences and urban vibes from American Tourister and the legendary flavours of Chupa Chups gives life to a vibrant collection that includes backpacks, suitcases, and weekend bags, designed for modern travellers embracing an adventurous and youthful spirit.

Each piece features bold designs and vibrant colours, reflecting the energy and enthusiasm of both brands. But the collaboration doesn’t stop at the product offering: a series of online and offline activations will be organised during the launch to actively engage consumers and create memorable experiences.

From a branding strategy perspective, this partnership is a synthesis of Chupa Chups’ “fun forever” message and the excitement that accompanies every journey. By uniting their brands around a shared passion, American Tourister and Chupa Chups aim to infuse travellers with a joyful attitude.