A series of new Stormtrooper licensed products will be launched by Thumbs Up UK Ltd at the forthcoming Pulse London tradeshow. This range of fun, decorative and practical products is inspired by the original, Andrew Ainsworth’s iconic Stormtrooper costume, and includes lighting, glassware ceramics, mobile protection and charging. The launch enforces Andrew Ainsworth’s Shepperton Design Studios licensing programme, which includes Corsair Toiletries, Gemma International and also apparel with Trademark, currently on sale in fashion retailer, Next.

The strategy behind Andrew Ainsworth Stormtrooper programme is to appeal to the more mature demographic who remember the original character from the movie and want to honor this classic design with something of quality that will act as a pleasant reminder of powerful experience, rather than buy a cheap, disposable product that is aimed mostly at children. Golden Goose is the licensing agency mastering this program, focused on high quality products, developed using Computer Aided Design that is as true as possible to the asymmetrical design originally created by Andrew Ainsworth. Ainsworth himself oversees the developement of the 3D models, to ensure that everything is as accurate as possible.

Those who wants to know more about why Stormtrooper programme has formally nothing do to with George Lucas and Disney, will find this 2011 BBC News article very interesting. “Lucas loses Star Wars copyright case at Supreme Court” can be a straight way to put it, but the story abou how Stormtrooper character was born is really fascinating. Basically it’s all about who can say: “I am your father”.