Android KitKat

The new version of Google’s Android, 4.4, is named after the worldwide famous snack bar KitKat, owned by Nestlé. The two companies succeeded in keeping their partnership secret for months, until Android KitKat has been unveiled last week at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, with a gigantic installation: a big fake chocolate bar with the likeness of Android’s robot-mascot.

All previous Android releases are named after generic names of treats and sweets, like Jelly Bean, Cupcake, Donut, but this partnership with Nestle comes as a very big surprise, not only for geeks -who are firmly divided between pros and cons, and are already creating a strongly polarized buzz.

To promote the alliance, Nestle will deliver more than 50 million chocolate bars featuring the Android mascot. They will be distributed in 19 markets, including Europe and USA, India, Japan and Russia, and will support a consumer promotion with prizes like Nexus tablets and Google Play credits.

Rumor has it that no money has been shared between the two parties, and both Nestle and Google officially confirm. So it is a mutual exchange of visibility, bold and innovative, between an “odd couple” under the values of fun and unexpected.