Back to tradition, classic styles, and the sunset of the ubiquitous luxury sweatshirts were the general comments heard from professionals and people-in-the-know after the closing of this September Milano Fashion Week.

But at Anteprima, the Italian luxury brand created by the Japanese Izumi Ogino, the scene changed and a hint of pop and good humour was delivered. Well known for its Wirebag, Anteprima collaborated with The Smiley Company to launch a Smiley winky 3D WIREBAG line available for Spring/Summer 2019.

With upholding quality and beauty to the highest standard in mind, ANTEPRIMA co-create a striking Smiley winky 3D ball-shaped WIREBAG line, to appeal the global fashionistas. These party-perfect bags are handcrafted with wire cores, produced using pioneering techniques and design that have inspired ANTEPRIMA’s Creative Director’s Izumi Ogino’s passion for creativity and luxury.

“We believe above anything, fashion should make you smile and feel good. We are pleased to continue our tradition of partnering with luxury brands like ANTEPRIMA to innovate and bring fun, fashion forward designs to consumers”, said Nicolas Loufrani, CEO of the Smiley Company.