Recent weeks have shown more than ever the importance brands are placing on product partnerships with names from the contemporary art world. Besides recent reported collaborations with artists like JonOne and Willow, an ever-growing number and diversity of brands is drawing on pop and urban art to create remarkable products.

The communicative power of these activations is beyond doubt: even if the execution is often elaborate, media attention and consumer curiosity in collaborations are practically assured. At the top of the long list of brands who have chosen this path are names like Louis Vuitton and Absolut Vodka.

What makes these brands stand out more than anything is their recidivism. Indeed, it seems that intertwining their brand stories with art is part of a well established strategy, where the only variable is to decide which artist to engage next. The choice is not easy, from the most famous – and perhaps hackneyed – to emerging talents who are able to leave their mark on products by bringing the same creative passion to researching, innovating and reworking new ideas just as they would to any blank canvas.

louis-vuitton-moca-line (500x325)

Many artists turn up their noses at the thought of adding their signature to anything other than a canvas, while others see it as a way to challenge themselves and bring their art to a wider audience. It can be a bag, or a hat or a bottle of spirits…the only thing that really matters is the uniqueness and rarity. The price can be affordable but the sense of exclusivity is a must!

Here is a look back at some of the more extravagant art collabs, hoping to inspire you…