The military-style sports fashion company Avirex has made its European début in the world of licensing thanks to an agreement with 3AAntonini,

the company that manufactures and distributes the Lumberjack and Alexander brands. This is 3Aantonini’s first active licensing contract.

The resulting four lines of footwear demonstrate that the two companies are definitely on the same wavelength. 3AAntonini have faithfully reproduced the colours, materials and American tradition that characterise the Avirex brand. The collection goes on sale in the Avirex chain and other selected outlets in spring 2012.

The owners of the Avirex, Post Card and Belfe brands, the Cionti Group, are evidently open to the idea of new strategies in brand extension. With Avirex they are intent on growing the overall brand value and broadening their range of products while maintaining a high level of quality. Cionti have also ventured into passive licensing with their Brembo techno jackets, now on their second collection. Here the accent is on cutting edge technical solutions and design. What will their next moves on the other brands bring?