The Bermuda-based spirits company is attempting to strengthen its presence in the fashion world by creating the new role of vice president of fashion.

Akiko Maeda, who recently served as the vice president of product and platform development for IMG’s fashion arm, has been named for the role, in order to “develop partnerships that further incorporate” Bacardi’s spirits brands into the fashion world.
Maeda’s experience at the global leader in sports, fashion and licensing, will be pivotal to work with marketing and commercial teams to deliver events and digital activations with “fashion industry influencers”. Bacardi recently had also appointed Mike Dolan – former head of IMG Worldwide – as its permanent Ceo following the retirement of Ed Shirley.

There have been several collaborations between brands or famous people and drinks companies, such as Disaronno with Moschino and Versace or Absolut Wodka with Warhol, but this is the first time that a someone from fashion industry is hired to fulfill premium aspiration to position spirit brands within the luxury segment.

For sure a new may of building marketing strategies in the beverage industry, more than a surface make-up, wrapping a bottle with a fashion brand o giving it the face a famous actor/singer. Let’s see if some else will accept the challenge to follow Bacardi’s choice.