Demna Gvasalia presented, last Sunday, a collection that will undoubtedly enter into the fashion history books. The designer, moved by the surreal moment that we are living, has brought to life his memories as a refugee (as a child he had to escape from Georgia during the civil war), with the models walking in a frozen and desolate land, covered only, for the most part, by torn clothes and blankets. An extremely painful inner story but at the same time a clear sentence against the war in Ukraine. “The war in Ukraine – he writes – has triggered the pain of a past trauma I have carried in me since 1993″.

Among the clothes and the deeper themes, however, a symptom of positivism (but also normality) could definitely be the alleged collaboration of the maison with Apple.

Two realities that seem to be flirting for a long time, starting from a consolidated relationship in the musical field, when in 2020 Balenciaga became part of Apple Music with a playlist entirely edited by the creative director.  

For this show the French brand has given some new clues: the curious digital voice (similar to Siri) that announced the time of the event, the invitations engraved on the back of some broken iphone 6S and also the sweatshirt appeared on the catwalk with the “Be different” words (reworking of the famous Apple slogan “Think Different”). Although the collaboration has not been confirmed by either brands, we are sure that the relationship between fashion and technology is becoming ever closer, with the intention of being even more present in the desires of the new generations, pervaded today by a nostalgic feeling towards all that early 2000s aesthetic that Balenciaga is bringing back into vogue.

So the big question now is: Balenciaga x Apple, is it gonna happen?