Bamford London launches a limited edition of its GMT model, exclusively at Hodinkee, with a rare version of Snoopy: Joe Preppy. The character that gives life to the soul of the watch is a Snoopy alter ego which appeared for the first time in 1981 in a comic strip of Peanuts, recognizable for his tweed jacket, the red bow tie, the oval glasses and the smug eyes.

We find it the same on the dial, with the look that distinguishes it (from which, in fact, it takes its name) and the paws that form the hands of the watch.

“Snoopy has always been a master of disguise, and his Joe Preppy alter-ego has long been a favorite around the Hodinkee office for its irreverence and the uncanny resemblance it shares to the quintessential Hodinkee reader and watch collector”.

The series is limited to 250 numbered pieces, and available exclusively at Hodinkee, the influential editorial and e-commerce site for watches fan based in New York.

The intent of the collaboration is to create a fun and fashionable product, able to remain exclusive and fascinating. A task in which Snoopy – according to George Bamford – succeeds very well, always resulting as a positive and cheerful character, able to never take things too seriously.

“Everytime we create something, I think to myself: “Is it fun? Is it something that will make me smile?” You need to be able to look down and smile. And that’s what I think character watches are — they make you smile”