Japanese licensed entertainment properties, anime and manga, continues to soar high in the collaborations scene, as reported in the latest reports of our Halo Licensing Survey, and luxury fashion brands are choosing them more frequently as the protagonists of their limited editions.

Gucci, after celebrating the Chinese New Year with Doraemon, chooses another anime: Bananya, from the original Japanese television series, featuring a white cat who lives inside a banana.

This limited edition collection includes a selection of women’s clothing, accessories and sneakers for men and women.

Bananya x Gucci collection includes colorful short-sleeved cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. All the items blend Gucci’s style with the playful imagery of the anime characters.

Rounding up the collection are two jewels: a Bananya Bunch crystal brooch and a gold necklace with Bananya pendant, while sneakers come in two models, the classic Ace and the Gucci Rhyton.

Bananya x Gucci is now availableon Gucci’s website.