With Vans x Penn edition just launched, we thought interesting for our readers asking (to at least one of) the protagonists what’s behind a collaboration partnership in terms of marketing rationale.

From the outside, it is pretty much clear the focus of this activation, where “action sports and tennis icon take court-ready style to the streets—and vice versa”, as the press kit goes, especially taking into consideration Vans’ intensity in the collaboration platform.

To know more of it, we contacted Giuseppe Faranna, VP Division Manager Licensing at Head, who is the Penn brand owner, asking for a couple of specific comments from his branding professional angle about this launch.

“We are very glad to cooperate with Vans with our PENN brand. As in Europe PENN is not that active, as we mainly sell HEAD tennis balls, PENN is however a tennis ball icon. We have more than +60% market share in the US with our PENN tennis balls and as you have learned both companies started as rubber companies.

This collaboration is helping us to make the PENN brand around the world more visible, but it will also help our already existing licensing partners. For example, we are having for some years now licensees for apparel, underwear and socks in Europe but also in North America, where we also have a very successful table tennis program in place.

Considering the current increasing trend of collaborations and that we are globally still struggling with the pandemic, I personally feel that this Vans x PENN collab will bring some smile and happiness and good news to the customer, in a time where we all need positive news.”

So, not only PENN will boost its visibility, but with this different streetwear aesthetics it adds relevance to the brand, while targeting to a new cluster of passionate customers.