Gundam Cafè

Just concluded the 2015 edition of Licensing Japan, the Japanese licensing trade show at its fifth year, we had a walked around Tokyo and surroundings to find out what are the trends, innovations, brands and the most successful licenses in the country of the Rising Sun. Three unmissable reportage will tell you (or at least will try to) about the Nihon-licensing’s world.

Japan, land of ancient traditions, beautiful scenery and great culture is known around the world in particular for two specialities: food – that is much more than just Sushi and Sashimi – and manga / anime, dear to many when they were children and that some irreducible grownups continues to “devour” even now.

The first of the three specials dedicated to licensing in Japan will tell you indeed about the meeting of these two specialities.

Apart from Snoopy vinegar, renowned as a topping for ice cream (OMG), the legendary Wonka chocolate bars and Hello Kitty & My Melody white chocolate strawberries truffles, even more interesting is the flourishing of thematic coffee bar under license, that seem to have great success. From Gundam to Hello Kitty, to even more peculiar ideas such as Elle Café on the super fashion Roppongi Hill in Tokyo or the Moomin’s Café chain and Bakery House…

Stay Tuned!