Beverage brands, especially beer, are currently big business in sportswear and accessories. And not just for their vintage adverts; their lifestyle values are also making a splash.

If sportswear and accessories manufacturers follow the lead of a company which knows a trick or two when it comes to licensing and merchandising, beer brand collections look like being the next big thing.


Bioworld Merchandising, the Texan giant specialised in manufacturing and commercialising licensed, private label and own brand sportswear and accessories, is going for beverage brands, with a preference for beers. The company has long been king of the musical licensing and merchandising market and is also well-known in Europe, with hundreds of lines ranging from Kiss to John Lennon, rappers and  Justin Bieber, together with  entertainment brands like SuperMario, GreenLantern, Marvel and Sesame Street, all emerging from its Dutch-based European headquarters.

In September Bioworld presented a bevy of beer-inspired new lines. The Corona Extra line is a relaxed, easy-to-wear, tex-mex total look, and then there is another Mexican-inspired line, DosEquis, while their Miller line has more of a Yankee air and is flanked by a contemporary version called Miller Light. The targets are young adults and the young-at-heart, and the lines are distributed in both department stores and mid-level multi-brand outlets. Bioworld Merchandising is an extremely dynamic company which handles the whole production chain, from manufacturing to distribution in their own retail outlets. Rapid turnaround is their watchword, with collections being fed fast in and sold fast out: a bonanza for licensors!