In the occasion of the upcoming Brand Licensing Europe 2033 on 20th September, we have the pleasure of hosting an interview by Anna Knight, SVP of Licensing, Informa Markets, to Giorgio Borzino, CEO at Sabor, Italian company among the numerous event exhibitors.

Anna Knight: considered your company’s position in the the Italian apparel scene, I would start by a question about the dynamics of your domestic markets and its urge of internationalisation.

Giorgio Borzino: In our domestic market we specialise both with mass market and fast fashion clients, who appreciate our manufacturing capabilities and creativity applied to licensed properties. This applies also to sportswear and fashion forward retailers we approached more recently in the higher tier. All those clients are Italian based, but also a presence of stores in many European countries, so our dynamics have already an international breadth. Moreover, the need for sustainable products, where we developed our most recentcapabilities, has become a priority in every international territory.

A.K.: So, what do you expect from your active participation at BLE?

G.B.: We wish to reach new international clients, thanks to the attraction that Brand Licensing Europe express on the apparel buyers community. Another interesting area we wish to explore is to integrate with other companies like us, to build collaborations with, in the local distribution. We are prepared to any challenge, thanks to the incredible number of Properties we manage as a licensee, able to meet any target needs, but also thanks to our special Italian touch in the creative management of brand and character, along with our manufacturing capabilities.

A.K.: Do you see differences between the Italian licensing trends compared with the European major territories?

G.B.: In my opinion the most relevant difference between our domestic market and the international scene is that the latter is focussed on less Properties, basically in the fashion mainstream. Probably that is because the Italian market is highly fragmented at retail, and consumers on the other hand are more used to buy among a wider choice.

A.K: we are very enthusiast about this year’s BLE edition, in full swing after pandemic, and we have great expectations. What is your sentiment?

G.B.: Likewise, we are enthusiast! I believe this is the right moment for us to present ourselves as a company with a competitive edge, ready for any challenge. We are also curious to understand among the brand owners and licensors what are the new IPs to bet on.