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A brand that kicks over the traces with licenses that do exactly the same: Blomor has never bowed to convention, thanks mainly to its founder. We interviewed Mattia Mor to discover the key to Blomor’s success.

Brand Jam: How was Blomor born?

Mattia Mor: The Blomor brand was born in 1998, when I was still in high school and doodling my first attempts at combining my surname (Mor) with our company’s greeting to fashion (Blo!) in my diary. I had always wanted to have my own company and I started making and selling my own T-shirts back then. A cottage industry that became a full-blown business in 2004, when Blomor was made a registered trademark and we began to manufacture T-shirts with the names of famous cocktails (Mojito, Cuba Libre, Negroni and  Spritz just to name a few), together with a list of their ingredients.

B.J.: Getting on to co-branding and licensing. What benefits has licensing brought to the company?

M.M.: Our Algida project has been our biggest success story so far, because it was a fashion first for the brand. We chose it not so much because it was an iconic brand, but more for the fact that everyone has their own favourite Algida ice cream, kids and adults alike. That gave the Blomor brand a huge boost, thanks to a general feeling of nostalgia, and took the project up to the next level.

B.J.: What happened next?

M.M.: Hard on the heels of Algida came Mattel, with Barbie and Hot Wheels. Here we were piggy-backing to some extent on the success of other companies that had used the brands before us, making it a less innovative choice. Now we’re working really well with Bacardi, a brand with a background and image that blends perfectly with Blomor. Using the brand for our collections has been dead easy, greeted by a chorus of approval from the press and public alike and backed up by excellent sales figures. For fall/winter 2013/14 we’ve inked an agreement with Bic, a hugely attractive option for all ages, thanks to the vintage collection of images from the brand’s long history.

B.J.: Have you got any new partnerships in the pipeline?

M.M.: Yeah, we’ll keep you posted.

B.J.: In 2012 you opened brand stores in Italy and netted customers from abroad… so what’s the secret of your success?

M.M.: Innovative, original products, never just more of the same old stuff, with a healthy dose of creativity to keep our target happy and wondering what’s coming next. Especially on their  t-shirts and sweatshirts.

B.J.: So what do you want from the future?

M.M.: I just want to go on working with the same passion, following my dream.