Late reggae legend is to be the face of Marley Natural, the world’s first international cannabis brand that will be launched in 2015.

Bob Marley’s family have struck a deal with private equity firm Privateer Holdings to launch Marley Natural, a company specialized in selling marijuana and related products. The “ Cannabis Company” will be based in New York City, the web site is already on-line and it will start shipping its products to cities and countries where marijuana is legal from next year. As well as “ganja” in its natural form, the company will also sell creams, accessories and lotions inspired by weed and Marley the man.

There is probably no better known cultural icon related to cannabis than Bob Marley. He called cannabis “the herb” and always supported its legalization. Moreover Marley, who is fifth on Forbes’s list of top-earning dead celebrities, rakes in around 20 million US dollars a year for the estate that stands to gain vast amounts of additional cash with this agreement. But Marley, who was much more than “a reggae singer who enjoyed smoking marijuana”, what would he think of becoming the new “Marlboro Man of Marijuana”?