Whether or not there is something that can somehow guarantee the success of a fashion house is certainly its ability to shape itself according to its creative director, alongside with his DNA and experience. A non-strategy that, as we saw, worked very well two weeks ago with Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, but that we also recognized last Thursday with the latest unexpected collaboration of Bottega Veneta with Strand. A partnership that relies on the printed press – considered too edgy by some – and on a bookstore that over the years has become one of the symbols of New York City and a point of reference for real New Yorkers.

Founded in 1927, The Strand bookstore represented for Matthieu Blazy, Bottega Veneta’s new creative director, a place of discovery during his New York life-time, during at the co-direction of Calvin Klein (under Raf Simons’ creative direction). A moment of his life that Blazy wanted to glorifield with the creation of three Strand branded leather tote bags, presented personally in NYC, and protagonists of the adv campaign shot by Stephen Shore – the famous “American life” photographer.

“From going there on my initial visit to New York as a teenager, it’s always been a space of physical exploration with the pleasure of the unexpected and finding something new,” said Blazy to Vogue.

For the occasion, 50 guests were invited to the library in order to discover the bags but also the list of books edited by Blazy as a final part of the partnership. A list, with which you can clearly fill the bag, that includes books such as Complete Works by Carlo Scarpa, Entryways of Milan by Fabrizio Ballabio and Daniel Sherer and Uncommon places by Stephen Shore.

“The selection was quite spontaneous,” he explained to Vogue. “It’s a mix of inspiration and books I always go back to. It was nice to be able to share those books I love and that are part of my creative process.”

The limited edition can be purchased exclusively at Bottega Veneta’s Soho store, while from September 15 it will be available worldwide on the maison’s website.