“Pioneering brand innovation”, could be the essence of our latest event “Knowledge is Power, a Brand Innovation Talk” we organised last week with IED Milano.

Where “pioneering” is not referred to us of course, as we are since long time observing the shiny world of bran innovation into its forms of collaborations, cobranding, brand extension and smart licensing.

We felt instead a new twist of awareness thrilling our guests: not only licensors and brand owners who are understanding where the evolution of their specific business is leading the pack, but manufacturers and retailers also.

Those are more and more aware that some brands – we call them “Dynamic Brands” – drive original and innovative products and storylines, getting their product to become “remarkable”, while some retailers thrive with new editorial approaches, to be constantly on the consumer’s mind.

We feel that all those pioneers we talked with last week are outside there getting new apostles to the brand innovation’s advantages, and we cannot but sustain this consciousness growth through our services: the Halo Licensing Survey, which the readers of our pages already know, now at its third quarter edition, a new Brand Innovation Master in collaboration with IED, and finally, our new “live” format.

The Brand Jam Lab in its physical version will take place on 9th September 2019, at NHow, the heart of the Milanese fashion and design scene, and will feature a set of workshops, case studies, and discussions between manufacturers, retailers and brand owners upon the new platforms which allow accessible activations through products winning the “5 seconds generation”.

To know more about the brand innovation platforms, just click here, and you will get into what we discussed last week in our first Brand Innovation Talk, and to follow the conversation, just follow us on our Instagram profile @the_brand_jam

Welcome to the brand innovation!