BRAND JAM is launching a new research service to give businesses better access to the worlds of collaboration, co-branding and lifestyle licensing.

Beginning in 2018, BRAND JAM LAB aims to help businesses navigate brand innovation options and find new ideas, insights and market connections.

Aimed at consumer brands, rights agencies and creative studios, standout features of the new service include custom research briefs, rapid turnaround times and flexible fee structures.

But the key aspect is our comprehensive coverage: BRAND JAM LAB takes a panoramic view of the market that reaches far beyond the perimeters of the regular licensing community.

Since launching in 2011, BRAND JAM has been a cheerleader for the global brand innovation movement. Instead of seeking out the standard licensing industry news diet, our readers use BRAND JAM as an ideas portal – a place to find news about remarkable projects that create interest, conversations and stronger brands.

Over the last seven years, a lot has changed: initiatives that once stood out for their novelty value are becoming more sophisticated and varied. But more businesses than ever are realising the value of leveraging external content to generate attention, engagement and belief.

For many companies, creative brand extension has become a default tool for competing in today’s attention-driven markets. Many more besides recognise the benefits, but find their paths blocked by bewildering choice, limited time and fear of failure.

BRAND JAM LAB helps remove the barriers to progress. Drawing on extensive market experience and more than 8,000 archived case studies, we offer the market’s most comprehensive and incisive insights into who’s doing what, where and why.

Deeper resources mean more comprehensive searches, more wildcard results, and a greater chance of finding a solution that precisely matches your needs.

Whether your goal is to drive business development, monitor the competition, or simply sharpen a sales pitch, BRAND JAM LAB provides comprehensive, concise insights when you need them.

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