Though final figures are yet to be announced, the feeling from Brand Licensing Europe was that this 17th edition has been another success – at least if the visitor enthusiasm we registered is a measure to go by.

The Brand and Lifestyle Zone, now in its 3rd year, also seemed to get more and more recognition, thanks to a larger representation of brands and a stronger balance of content.

But as far as a “showcase” is concerned, for us scouting types looking for lifestyle vibes it is always hard to find physical examples from licensing programs. Lifestyle brands live on special products: subtle treatments, care for details and quality, arty moods. Co-branding programs are easier to explain through samples than powerpoint presentations. That’s why we expected more products than logos to be showcased, while most of the licensors limit themselves to displaying the brands on their management roster.

Nonetheless we found some really interesting cases. In case you missed any of them, you can check out our small-but-selective reportage. We were particularly amazed by:

– IMG’s formidable display of well developed VW licensed products, despite the unhappy moment…

Cambridge University with Pepe Jeans, by Hot Pickle

BCN Brand,a licensing program based on the eponymous Spanish sneaker brand, by Monday2Friday

Mens’ Health licensed range in depth, including beef jerky as “body fuel”, by Golden Goose

And our special mention from the entertainment zone goes to Joanne Stocker for her Powerpuff Girls bags and shoes at Turner’s booth, POW!