The 2000s are coming back and they are also returning in a colorful capsule collection signed by Cult Gaia x Bratz. The American fashion brand, founded by Jasmin Larian, joins the big world of collabs thanks to the partnership with Bratz, the famous line of dolls produced by MGA Entertainment, which is ready to celebrate its 21st birthday. 

American vibes and the return to the scene of some Y2K cult are the background of a project born to sell to many nostalgic fans, proposing high platform, butterfly shaped tops, sneakers and many accessories.

Bratz, already the protagonist of a recent GCDS range, continues its brave process of proposing a contemporary it-girl – on a full scale this time – known in glossy magazines since the 80s.

Decades go by but the codes do not change, indeed they return: a marked sensuality and an innate transgression, mixed with a pinch of irony and lightness, dress up the “fashionistas” of Cult Gaia. The differences from the past? None at all, and that’s the trick: silhouettes that don’t fade, along with essential materials such as leather, with the addition of some revisited pattern and the invincible python prints.

It is an anachronistic project, but contemporary at the same time, a contradiction, especially for those who lately say: “Still the low-rise pants? Please, no!”. Yet looking at the collection it seems a real plunge into the past, a time jump called by the new generations and that would dress very well the today it-girls (can you still say it?), such as the character of Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria, personification of an aesthetic completely 2000s and of which, not surprisingly, Bratz dedicated a digital doll last month. 

This is to tell you that yes, as suggested by Cult Gaia x Bratz, the past always comes back in fashion.