After a 5-second video aired during the Super Bowl which went immediately viral, Duolingo continues to take an unusual route in communication even in merchandising, launching Duo Butt Briefs.

Aimed at GenZers who appreciate humour and will fall for any funny and completely useless consumer product, the briefs are inspired by Duo, the brand’s owl character avatar, and his butt.

Here is the product description, as it appears on the merchandise section of “Big. Green. Booty. This is the Duo Butt Briefs. Made from custom dyed Feather Green fabric, our new unisex boxer briefs feature Duo the Owl’s absolutely sculpted dump truck on the back with a proprietary booty-enhancing gradient design. They even have a mini Duo printed on the waistband. Now, every time you catch a glimpse of your bum in the mirror, you’ll be reminded to do your Duolingo lessons. After all, Duo will be watching…”.

In addition to the big-butt green briefs, the brand also proposes another fun item – the “Mixed Emotions Pin”. The owl’s expression rotates and can change from a happy “You’ve got this!” to an annoyed “Come on, don’t use Google Translate!”, intended as a gentle nudge to do your lessons or a burst of celebration for your progress.

The not-so-subtle humour, after all, is part of the DNA of the brand, which has even registered a proprietary fart, already used on some videos and appreciated by users.