Having a cafè is no longer just a trend for luxury brands, it is a real must.
Eateries and even hotels could be indeed a future expansion avenue for mega brands.
Many labels, from entertainment to fashion or design, already entered in the hospitality business, creating physical spaces that embody and translate the brand essence and the emotional relation with their consumers.

Places that offer consumers a unique experience becoming part of a ritual or pop-up temporary locations that make the experience even more exclusive.
However they are conceived, the only thing that really matters is that they reflect the brand essence.

In 2017 Tiffany & CO. opened his first The Blue Box Café at the fourth floor of his iconic New York flagship store on Fifth Avenue, transforming Holly’s dream (aka Audrey Hepburn) into reality: a “breakfast at Tiffany’s”.
Today the jewellery giant, which opened a Tiffany Blue Box Cafe in Hong Kong last October, has decided to expand the business also in Europe opening a Tiffany Blue Box café in London, the first of its kind, in a prestigious location inside the luxury retailer, Harrods.

We already had the chance to talk about how luxury brands expanded in F&B business, especially speaking about Asian countries such as Japan or Hong Kong, but for the European market, this is still a little-explored territory.
Osaka – Japan has indeed been chosen to be the place of the opening of the very first Louis Vuitton café and restaurant.
The French heritage brand synonymous of luxury, next month will open Le Café V, set to be located on the top floor of Vuitton’s new four-level Osaka maison, increasing the presence of the LVMH Moët Hennessy group in the hospitality business.