CASETiFY, the world’s leading global tech accessory brand, after entering the Boring Ape Yacht Club, has launched NFT Your Case, a phygital activation which shows both marketers and Intellectual Properties professionals how NFTs can create business opportunities even in a physical environment.

With CASETiFY’s recent purchase of one of the now globally famous Boring Ape Yacht Club NFT (namely #3583BAYC, sold for 83.4 Ethereum, approximately 260,000 USD), it became the first DTC brand to climb aboard the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and owner of a digital piece of art.

But the simple usage of the Boring Ape image on a phone case is not at center stage: NFT Your Case introduces the first verified NFT phone case to the world. Users will be able to verify NFTs from their Ethereum wallet to prove authentication and print them onto the brand’s phone cases. From there, customers can pay in ETH or USD to have the product printed and shipped directly to their doorstep.

“Proving authentication is everything to an NFT owner, and our platform eliminates those worries by decentralizing the verification process for creating phygital goods,” said CASETiFY CEO and Co-founder, Wes Ng. “The launch of NFT Your Case allows the community to flex their digital artworks right in the palm of their hands, while opening the door to endless creative possibilities in the Metaverse.”

In a move to further quell the ownership skepticism and to solve for the “screenshot” dispute over these digital assets, CASETiFY is unveiling a special “verified-blue” version of its signature camera ring. Through CASETiFY’s platform, the brand will offer this exclusive colored camera ring to verified members of the NFT community, beginning with owners of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Rolling out to other communities soon, verified NFT owners that are not part of BAYC can design their phone case with the signature black CASETiFY camera ring.

The phone cases are priced starting at $45 USD (0.014052 ETH) and are available to ship worldwide.

CASETiFY seems then to be interested in building an expansive metaverse strategy, so in a while we can expect to hear more about next partnerhips with existing communities and other collaborations.