On the International Day of the Girl, Chloé and UNICEF have announced a new global partnership to advance gender equality through innovative solutions, developed with and for adolescent girls to support them to excel in the future workplace.

“Girls Forward” is a three-year partnership which include support to flagship UNICEF programming models that equip adolescent girls and young women with digital and technology skills, entrepreneurial capacity and spirit, and confidence – including in Bolivia, Jordan, Morocco, Senegal and Tajikistan – that lead to a greater freedom, limitless possibilities and equal opportunities.

This partnership echoes the spirit of Chloé founder Gaby Aghion: give women freedom to dare to be themselves. Its rationale: women with secondary education may expect to earn almost twice as much as those with no education. Investing in adolescent girls accelerates progress for all – for themselves, for families and for nations. When girls have a chance to learn, to lean in as part of a pipeline for high-value jobs and become CEOs of their own companies, they boost economic growth.

Indeed, worldwide, girls 10–14 spend 50 per cent more of their time on household chores, including care work, than boys of the same age, a divide which only deepens as girls get older.

Moreover, girls 15-19 are more than twice likely than boys of the same age to be outside education, employment or training. Women in the workforce also contend with occupational segregation, limited access to capital and networks as entrepreneurs, and globally, earn on average 77 per cent of what men earn.

Chloé will support UNICEF in its global aim to provide 6.5 million girls with skills for employability, learning, personal empowerment and active citizenship.

“Girls Forward” campaign includes three Chloé items – a bracelet, a necklace and a t-shirt, whose sales will help raising funds to support UNICEF programs. The campaign will be supported on social media by two influencers: Lucy Boynton and Katie Holmes.