Our readers perfectly know how Brand Jam since 2012 is at the forefront of the “Collaboration Generation”, spreading and sharing all those smart marketing and cultural crossovers, today in the agenda of each and every lifestyle brand, giving products and launches that “remarkable” aura capable to catch the attention of the new consumers.

Chupa Chups and Sanrio know a trick or two about this collaboration platform, both power users of limited edition raids into the fashion system. Chupa Chups (with a logo designed by Pablo Picasso, of all collaborators!) has been collaborating with a number of artists and creative directors, the latest presented at BLE London with Gianmario Stuppello’s label White*.

Sanrio began its partnership route years ago, when Hello Kitty was in the spotlights every fashion season, finding friends and brands along the way like Kiss or Playboy, to name just a couple of partners.

Today it seems natural for both Sanrio and Chupa Chups to becoming BFF (Brands about Fun and Friends) announcing a partnership to share their common mission of “creating a fun-filled experience to be shared with friends”.

Celebrating the upcoming 60th Anniversary of Sanrio in 2020, Hello Kitty and all other characters – My Melody, Kerokerokeroppi, Badbatzmaru, Little Twins Stars, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll – will get a sweet makeover with Chupa Chups.

New designs especially created for licensing partners in Europe will keep the fun going around the world, in categories such as apparel, accessories, cosmetics, social stationery and accessories.

This project highlights many common existing key attributes and values such as global awareness, pop culture and fashion forward/focus.

We will keep an eye on this friendship, reporting the next generations of cobranding partners.