As our “Halo Licensing Survey” shows each quarter, the collaboration platform between brands, designers, and institution can be functional to get attention and bring the communication to higher levels.

A clear example of how powerful this model can be is offered by the recent collaboration between the Canadian ONG United Way and Pantone Institute.

United Way is a Canadian non-profit foundation, a network of 90 offices, which works locally to improve lives in its community. The claim is “moving people from poverty to possibility, helping kids be all they can be, and building strong and healthy communities”.

For its latest activation, United Way partnered with Pantone, who created exclusively for United Way a special shade: “Unignorable”.

Every colour has its own meaning and message, and colours have the power to make one happy, or hungry, or bring one back to childhood. “95% of how we react to colour happens outside of the unconscious.” declares Laurie Pressman, VP Pantone Color Institute . “But most importantly, a colour can get people’s attention, and welcome anybody into a conversation.”

This is the vault of the “Unignorable” colour created for United Way by Pantone, a colour studied to “radiate pure heat and energy. An instantly captivating brightly coloured hue which captures you with its stimulating spark of light. The Unignorable colour boldly calls out for attention while remaining friendly, approachable and optimistic.”

And to spread the message of “Unignorable” campaign, United Way involved Malika Favre, an artist renowned for her works for The New Yorker, Vogue, Sephora. She created a series of eye-catching images that use Unignorable bold colour to enhance the issues tackled.

“The idea behind the campaign was to grab people’s attention with a unique and bold colour combined with a hidden narrative that highlights everyday issues” says Malika Favre. “Our colour is here to make them look and our story to make them think.”

An “Unignorable” t-shirt to help fund rasing is also included in the project: sold at 29,95$ through United Way website and in the local offices, it is meant to share and spread the most unignorable issues. Through a colour.