Byborre is an Amsterdam based textile innovation and manufacturing studio, whose signature “Editions” serve as the perfect playground to both experiment and refine material innovations and showcase them to the fashion, sports and car industries. With each new Edition, the ByBorre label highlights the genuine usability and creative potential of ByBorre’s textiles for all creators who have a need to work with its knitted textiles.

Edition n.10, just showcased, is the first ByBorre exercise which adds special touch of creativity inspired to a publishing evergreen icon: Miffy, the cartoon bunny created by the Dutch artist Dick Bruna.

Dick Bruna was regarded as “the genius of simplicity” and excelled in capturing the essence of a character or story with a small range of colors. ByBorre creative team took that same approach when developing textiles for this Edition, using Byborre Create, their online platform which allows you digitising the full supply chain from designing unique textile through to producing the textile.

The collection includes some key pieces from previous Editions like the Open Back Vest, Layer Shirt and A-Type Jacket, as well as the latest step in the continuous evolution of the label staples like the Suit Jacket, Pants and Button Tee, all executed in the latest iterations of Byborre Textiles such as the 3D, AO2 and a new version of the O2L.

Edition 10 x Miffy will be available in stores from Spring ’22, in limited edition.