After more than 200 million pairs of Crocs shoes sold in more than 90 territories in the world, the brand decided to explore licensing to further extend its already strong connection with consumers worldwide.

A series of licensing deals, global and in US and Canada, was recently announced by the company, whose brand will soon hit non-footwear shelves with new licensed products ranging from kidswear, eyewear, and accessories. First step, dated 2011, is a natural brand extension to socks, through one partner for North American market, Socks and Accessories Brands, and one for Europe, the Italian company Intersocks.

Then, up to fashion accessories like bags, backpacks, gloves, hats, with Accessory Exchange, partnering with Crocs in their retail and e-commerce activities. April 2012 will see the launch of Croc’s kidswear with A Group, who will launch the collections in 46 countries worldwide, followed by Eye King, who will present in May a range of sunglasses, designed for adults and kids in US and Canada. More to come, we are sure: just wait and see.