If you are such a fan of the world famous fried chicken, so much so to eventually dream of wearing it at your feet, you should be happy: Crocs has just announced a collaboration with KFC.
And those professionals who are asking themselves where the limits of the “collabs” platform are, and how far they can be pushed forward, have now something to add to their discussions.

These Crocs x KFC limited-edition feature the red and white striped KFC bucket on the platform, and a hyper realistic crispy fried chicken photographic print, each pair coming with two Jibbitz charms made to resemble (and smell!) like fried chicken.

Although consistent to the FMCG brands mania, which is spicing a great number of collaborations since a couple of years, this partnership brings on the table some questions, at least about its execution. But apparently trashy, this activation has an artsy point to it.

As the ambassador of this partnership, Crocs has selected MLMA, the Seoul-born artist, who mysteriously refuses to reveal her age and goes in person simply by M (her moniker stands for Me Love Me a Lot). MLMA, make-up artist, special effects pro, fashion designer at apparel brand Skoot, rapper, model and internet humorist, has debuted the shoes at Christian Cowan’s Fashion Week presentation, and poses on the cover of PAPER magazine.

This explains the strategy at Crocs, where wearing buckets of fried chicken on your feet can be a pop art performing act. As seen on many collaborations, this is a way to create buzz upon a world-renowned product, keeping it contemporary through new and remarkable stories.