Rolling Stone, just announced its strategic agreement with Curaleaf, an American company which specialises in manufacturing and distributing cannabis – based products.

It is a longterm partnership, wich allows the monthly magazine to enter into a the cannabis business, leveraging Curaleaf’s spearhead brand Select resources and experience, creating progressive, industry-leading cannabis products.

Rolling Stone by Select first range includes two product, including Select’s first-ever pre-roll, as well as “The Cliq,” Select’s newest proprietary pod system. Both products feature three strains and flavor profiles, selected by Rolling Stone: a berry-forward “Overdrive” Sativa, complex and full-bodied “Reverb” Indica, and a fruity and calming “Phaser” Hybrid.

Rolling Stone and Select also announced the inception of a “first-of-its-kind retail space,” set to open in Las Vegas within next year.

The products is available online on website.